Friday, 24 May 2013

So it wasn't my idea!!!!

Whilst browsing forums looking for possible engine improvements for the little 650, i stumbled across some ace threads on ADVrider, and it turns out the rear swingarm modification is/was a popular modification.
Though there are no pictures of the finished bikes in road trim but loads in enduro trim.

These 2 got me very excited

The intention is to race/hillclimb with superbeemer, i think if i really get hooked on it i'll have to have a frame done as above.
The Michel BMW (yellow one) i have a bit of a sweet spot for at the moment.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


The Swingarm and rear diff are from an R1150rs.
The RS is BMW Sports Tourer, i've gone for a 2000 model, which has higher final drive ratio to the R65.

Quite honestly when i thought about the project i didn't really make a plan for 'what if', all i thought was a little revvy R65 on 17" cast wheels and R1 forks would be a fantastic ride, and am still really excited to get it going!!

the mock test of the swingarm shows the RS to be a thinner bike to the R65 by 10mm or so

The Initial plan is to knock something up on the lathe to secure it in place.
Luckily BMW never changed the sizes of their swingarm locating bolts so thats one less thing to work out!!

Going off the picture it all looks to be working out so far, but i've still to put wheels on it!!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Measured up the head bearings for the R65, it seems the R1 steerer tube is 2mm bigger than the R65's.
I picked up some new bearings and set about skimming 2mm from the internal face to slide over the R1 tubes........6 carbide tips later the job was done!

The real bugger of a job was removing the R65 bearing cups, i didn't have enough room to get a grinder in, the dremel was no match for it either.
An hour and 2 beaten thumbs later, a mate gave me some good advice from his racing days.
When the head cups are seized in run a line of weld on the face round the cup the heat from the weld contracts the cup when it a blooming treat!!!!


Been plodding away on the bike, think it's coming on well.

Had all the parts arrive, i hope the idea works!!
I've gone for 2000 R1 forks, BMW R1100rs swingarm and rear diff, R1100rs wheels.

You can see the in the pic a rough outline of the frame set up.
The trail is expected to be reduced by roughly 2cm's, but the swingarm is 10cm's longer than stock.
Hopefully i've understood it correctly!!

The fork bearings need looking at but otherwise the R1 steerer tube is a good fit.