Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Started mocking up the subframe for the bike, not quite sure if it'll work as it's the first i've built, if its not right i'll get one made after.

I used 10mm box section stainless tube

It seems a little long as it is, but i've left some room to trim it down if required.

 I'll be looking to run it on this angle

Tom (Chief) at Holme Valley Customs - www.holmevalleycustoms.com/ - sent a package of pre cut frame tabs, saved me some time trying to get them cut.
I've tacked on the two shock mounts to the mid section of the front cross bar.

Need to make the support arms to the frame but i'm happy with it so far

dry run

With the swingarm mounts tacked in place i couldn't resist putting the pieces togther!

Happy with the way it looks, fingers crossed the propshaft will fit!

Love the rear view, for me the rear wheel balances the bike from the back instead of a 4.0 tyre.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Frame fix

So with the frame cut and me coming to realise no amount of gussets will do this right i had to turn to Tom for advice, and he loved it that he was right.

Thankfully his gloating only lasted a few minutes and he quickly came up with a perfect solution.

Tom decided rather than do my suggestion of plates and gussets, we'd be better to widen the hole to take a piece of tube the right diameter for the swingarm to move in and a decent width to step out the mount.
We turned the original mount in the lathe to remove any square edges/ pieces of metal, cut a 10cm disc to seat the mount, welded them together and welded that to the tube tacked in the frame (i haven't got any photos of this process)

Tom it all welded together

We removed some of the tube facing the swingarm, allowing the swingarm to come over far enough centering the rear wheel.

 And its in!!
I'll be putting a gusset on it to make sure it's strong enough