Saturday, 5 October 2013


Man i'm slow at updating this!

With the rear of the bike coming together I focused on the forks, mainly because the weight at the rear was tippling the bike off it's stand!

I decided to fit the R1 forks before i'd decided on the project, i love the look of them!!
Luckily the steerer tube is within 5mm of the stock R65 one, only problem i came across is the R1 steerer tube is 2mm bigger than the R65.
I purchased new R65 bearings and spent a little while, and a fair few carbide tips, turning the bearing to what i needed.

Biggest problem i had was removing the old bearing races, after trying everything i could think of, all forms of lube, hammers and dremel attachments, i resigned and gave up.
Whilst slupmed in misery of my defeat i called a mate to whine at him, when he'd been informed he told me of a trick they used to do when he was racing.....

'Run a rim of weld around the stuck race and the heat of the welding will contract it enough to remove it'

It blooming did too!!

Ta Da!!!!

I whipped the forks in and pratted about on the lathe making a few spacers to centre the wheel
Think it's gone in nicely centred.