Saturday, 5 October 2013


Man i'm slow at updating this!

With the rear of the bike coming together I focused on the forks, mainly because the weight at the rear was tippling the bike off it's stand!

I decided to fit the R1 forks before i'd decided on the project, i love the look of them!!
Luckily the steerer tube is within 5mm of the stock R65 one, only problem i came across is the R1 steerer tube is 2mm bigger than the R65.
I purchased new R65 bearings and spent a little while, and a fair few carbide tips, turning the bearing to what i needed.

Biggest problem i had was removing the old bearing races, after trying everything i could think of, all forms of lube, hammers and dremel attachments, i resigned and gave up.
Whilst slupmed in misery of my defeat i called a mate to whine at him, when he'd been informed he told me of a trick they used to do when he was racing.....

'Run a rim of weld around the stuck race and the heat of the welding will contract it enough to remove it'

It blooming did too!!

Ta Da!!!!

I whipped the forks in and pratted about on the lathe making a few spacers to centre the wheel
Think it's gone in nicely centred.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Started mocking up the subframe for the bike, not quite sure if it'll work as it's the first i've built, if its not right i'll get one made after.

I used 10mm box section stainless tube

It seems a little long as it is, but i've left some room to trim it down if required.

 I'll be looking to run it on this angle

Tom (Chief) at Holme Valley Customs - - sent a package of pre cut frame tabs, saved me some time trying to get them cut.
I've tacked on the two shock mounts to the mid section of the front cross bar.

Need to make the support arms to the frame but i'm happy with it so far

dry run

With the swingarm mounts tacked in place i couldn't resist putting the pieces togther!

Happy with the way it looks, fingers crossed the propshaft will fit!

Love the rear view, for me the rear wheel balances the bike from the back instead of a 4.0 tyre.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Frame fix

So with the frame cut and me coming to realise no amount of gussets will do this right i had to turn to Tom for advice, and he loved it that he was right.

Thankfully his gloating only lasted a few minutes and he quickly came up with a perfect solution.

Tom decided rather than do my suggestion of plates and gussets, we'd be better to widen the hole to take a piece of tube the right diameter for the swingarm to move in and a decent width to step out the mount.
We turned the original mount in the lathe to remove any square edges/ pieces of metal, cut a 10cm disc to seat the mount, welded them together and welded that to the tube tacked in the frame (i haven't got any photos of this process)

Tom it all welded together

We removed some of the tube facing the swingarm, allowing the swingarm to come over far enough centering the rear wheel.

 And its in!!
I'll be putting a gusset on it to make sure it's strong enough

Saturday, 27 July 2013


Thanks to TC Customs for the design of the superbeemer logo!!

and i couldn't resist making a few t-shirts with it on!!!

All the best


Well, seen as I was this far into it with all the parts for the project bought i figured what the.......
Plus i couldn't be beaten by it, though the thought had gone through my head.

Armed with a trusty angle grinder i set about the right swingarm mount.
It wasn't quite like that, i'd been warned to brace the crossbars so the frame didn't flex open once id cut the mount out.

A 12mm threaded bar and 4 nylock nuts did the job perfect, crude yes, but it worked a treat.
The bevel on the top of the nut located the bar perfectly central in the threads of the mount.
Once i'd checked it a fair few times it was time to chop, it's funny how eager i was to do it, seen as though i'd no idea what i'd do to reposition it in the right place and connect it to the frame.

And it's out.......sorry for the crappy iphone pic.

Now to figure out how to re-attach it!!

Monday, 1 July 2013

Chop and see!

Well i have a little problem.
The casting on the swingarm is double the size of the R65 one.
This has pushed the rear wheel centre 20mm to the left, not quite the easy project i was hoping for!
Whilst looking at the frame to figure out what to do i forgot to take any photos of it with the wheel on and nowhere near centre!!

The lines in the pic are the outside edges of the rim, the left is 40mm from the frame mounting, the right 80 mm off!

The other problem it posed was the prop has to run on a 2cm angle, and there isn't alot of clearance for one in the casting on that kind of an angle!!

This got me anxious, but i'm sure it'll be reet!!
I marked the frame to show how far over the rear diff UJ will be, it's not a massive angle over the 25cms but the inner casting is close for the more modern propshaft.
The line on the left is the original UJ mark, the right is where the new one will line up.


Friday, 24 May 2013

So it wasn't my idea!!!!

Whilst browsing forums looking for possible engine improvements for the little 650, i stumbled across some ace threads on ADVrider, and it turns out the rear swingarm modification is/was a popular modification.
Though there are no pictures of the finished bikes in road trim but loads in enduro trim.

These 2 got me very excited

The intention is to race/hillclimb with superbeemer, i think if i really get hooked on it i'll have to have a frame done as above.
The Michel BMW (yellow one) i have a bit of a sweet spot for at the moment.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


The Swingarm and rear diff are from an R1150rs.
The RS is BMW Sports Tourer, i've gone for a 2000 model, which has higher final drive ratio to the R65.

Quite honestly when i thought about the project i didn't really make a plan for 'what if', all i thought was a little revvy R65 on 17" cast wheels and R1 forks would be a fantastic ride, and am still really excited to get it going!!

the mock test of the swingarm shows the RS to be a thinner bike to the R65 by 10mm or so

The Initial plan is to knock something up on the lathe to secure it in place.
Luckily BMW never changed the sizes of their swingarm locating bolts so thats one less thing to work out!!

Going off the picture it all looks to be working out so far, but i've still to put wheels on it!!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Measured up the head bearings for the R65, it seems the R1 steerer tube is 2mm bigger than the R65's.
I picked up some new bearings and set about skimming 2mm from the internal face to slide over the R1 tubes........6 carbide tips later the job was done!

The real bugger of a job was removing the R65 bearing cups, i didn't have enough room to get a grinder in, the dremel was no match for it either.
An hour and 2 beaten thumbs later, a mate gave me some good advice from his racing days.
When the head cups are seized in run a line of weld on the face round the cup the heat from the weld contracts the cup when it a blooming treat!!!!


Been plodding away on the bike, think it's coming on well.

Had all the parts arrive, i hope the idea works!!
I've gone for 2000 R1 forks, BMW R1100rs swingarm and rear diff, R1100rs wheels.

You can see the in the pic a rough outline of the frame set up.
The trail is expected to be reduced by roughly 2cm's, but the swingarm is 10cm's longer than stock.
Hopefully i've understood it correctly!!

The fork bearings need looking at but otherwise the R1 steerer tube is a good fit.


Saturday, 9 March 2013

Welcome to SuperBeemer!

I'll be posting all the info on my BMW R65 race bike build.
It was an idea concocted after a mate suggested building a bike for bonneville, to me the only bike i thought of doing it with, was the BMW R65.
I've since decided to build it as a track bike, as something a little different.

There are plenty of other bikes out there that would suit, but out of all the ones i've owned the BMW is my favourite, and the idea is to improve the engine's power as I go.

 (this is my other BMW, i forgot to take a pic of the donor bike, but it's the same!!)

Stripping the donor bike

I'll keep posting as I go.