Saturday, 9 March 2013

Welcome to SuperBeemer!

I'll be posting all the info on my BMW R65 race bike build.
It was an idea concocted after a mate suggested building a bike for bonneville, to me the only bike i thought of doing it with, was the BMW R65.
I've since decided to build it as a track bike, as something a little different.

There are plenty of other bikes out there that would suit, but out of all the ones i've owned the BMW is my favourite, and the idea is to improve the engine's power as I go.

 (this is my other BMW, i forgot to take a pic of the donor bike, but it's the same!!)

Stripping the donor bike

I'll keep posting as I go.



  1. Looks like a nice easy project, what's your plans, and how far have you got?

  2. You shut it you!!
    Should have it done in 20 mins!!

    Think i may have to go back to your drawing board!!

  3. Fun times! Bitten yourself off a big chunk there, looking forward to seeing more progress!!

  4. So where are all these posts then?

    Ill discipline that is