Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Measured up the head bearings for the R65, it seems the R1 steerer tube is 2mm bigger than the R65's.
I picked up some new bearings and set about skimming 2mm from the internal face to slide over the R1 tubes........6 carbide tips later the job was done!

The real bugger of a job was removing the R65 bearing cups, i didn't have enough room to get a grinder in, the dremel was no match for it either.
An hour and 2 beaten thumbs later, a mate gave me some good advice from his racing days.
When the head cups are seized in run a line of weld on the face round the cup the heat from the weld contracts the cup when it cools.............works a blooming treat!!!!

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  1. Cool, good to see the story unravelling!