Monday, 1 July 2013

Chop and see!

Well i have a little problem.
The casting on the swingarm is double the size of the R65 one.
This has pushed the rear wheel centre 20mm to the left, not quite the easy project i was hoping for!
Whilst looking at the frame to figure out what to do i forgot to take any photos of it with the wheel on and nowhere near centre!!

The lines in the pic are the outside edges of the rim, the left is 40mm from the frame mounting, the right 80 mm off!

The other problem it posed was the prop has to run on a 2cm angle, and there isn't alot of clearance for one in the casting on that kind of an angle!!

This got me anxious, but i'm sure it'll be reet!!
I marked the frame to show how far over the rear diff UJ will be, it's not a massive angle over the 25cms but the inner casting is close for the more modern propshaft.
The line on the left is the original UJ mark, the right is where the new one will line up.


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