Saturday, 27 July 2013


Well, seen as I was this far into it with all the parts for the project bought i figured what the.......
Plus i couldn't be beaten by it, though the thought had gone through my head.

Armed with a trusty angle grinder i set about the right swingarm mount.
It wasn't quite like that, i'd been warned to brace the crossbars so the frame didn't flex open once id cut the mount out.

A 12mm threaded bar and 4 nylock nuts did the job perfect, crude yes, but it worked a treat.
The bevel on the top of the nut located the bar perfectly central in the threads of the mount.
Once i'd checked it a fair few times it was time to chop, it's funny how eager i was to do it, seen as though i'd no idea what i'd do to reposition it in the right place and connect it to the frame.

And it's out.......sorry for the crappy iphone pic.

Now to figure out how to re-attach it!!

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